How businesses can gain from Digital Test Assurance in seven ways


Digital technology has made a paradigm shift in the lives of people. The advent of electronic devices and various security paraphernalia, not to mention cars and other transportation systems, has brought about higher levels of comfort and convenience. The sweep of digital technology has largely been felt in the domains of computers and Internet where branches like big data analytics, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence have ushered in a revolution of sorts. However, notwithstanding the humongous benefits accrued from embracing digital technology, the concurrent threat of security has added an added dimension to everything.

As people’s lives (including businesses) have become increasingly intertwined with digital technology, there exist people with ulterior motives or systems impregnated with glitches that can cause immense disruptions. The only way to safeguard oneself from such an eventuality is by carrying out digital assurance, which can hasten better delivery of quality products and services, ensure greater customer experience, and thereby better ROI for the company. Digital assurance and testing entails utilizing methodologies such as Agile, Lean, DevOps, and cloud computing to bring about greater automation of digital application testing services.

Top seven ways in which digital testing can enable businesses are as follows:

  1. To remain competitive: By embracing digital testing enterprises can achieve strategic goals of remaining competitive and deliver better customer experience. Digital application testing helps in bringing about synergy among various functions that hitherto used to work in silos. Moreover, by delivering quality products or services quickly to the market and ensuring better customer experience through continuous improvement a la Agile, businesses can achieve better ROI.
  2. Use of latest digital testing tools like automation: Contemporary digital application testing methods can be time consuming and leave a lot to be desired as far as removing glitches is concerned. Here, the salient role of automation through tools like Selenium in doing away with such challenges is well established.
  3. Improve productivity and efficiency: The process of digital assurance enables inter functional efficiency thanks to better communication and unity of purpose. Digital application testing leads to quick identification of glitches and their correction, faster application development and delivery, and better customer experience.

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