Software Test Services and Transformation Services

Software Test Services and Transformation Services

Software Quality is a formidable differentiator in today’s economy driven by technology. In order to succeed, an organization requires to address their Software Testing requirements ranging from Manual Testing to Automated Testing. Ensuring quality is the most practical way of ensuring business effectiveness.

Test Advisory and Transformation Services are designed to leverage technology in order to improve business outcomes. It ensures flawless IT operations with the right test infrastructure, tools and skills for Software Testing requirements.

Test Advisory and Transformation Services work towards improving test outcomes, better return on investment and a quicker time-to-market. It helps to assess and re-engineer the QA processes. Test Advisory Services provides consulting expertise along with the best testing practices across typical Functional, Non-Functional, Continuous Testing, Defect Management and Test Automation in an organization.

It explains to them their main problem areas by analyzing the risks and miss outs in their processes and practices. Test Advisory Consultants follow the process of test assessment, audit of test assets, test process advisory and QA tools advisory. This major approach includes developing a testing strategy and planning with assistance and assessment. Here, all the factors of people, process, technology, and risk is taken into account.

The key benefits of Test Advisory Services can be listed as follows:

  • It helps design a transformational journey
  • It helps make business improvements and roadmap for investments
  • It enables industry benchmarking
  • It helps identify single point failures
  • It rovides a holistic approach to assess the testing partner
  • It helps deliver reliable solutions that effectively help to brand business
  • It helps to optimize testing cycle time
  • It provides a uniform test management, planning and reporting system. It standardizes the entire process of test management and generates standardized reports.
  • It develops a reliable and feasible test strategy and plan, with focus on business goals.
  • It adheres to the target verification, validation and compliance requirements.
  • It helps to overcome testing challenges by building robust testing challenges.
  • It reduces total cost of testing and improves business value.

Transformation Services further empower the organizations in supporting their transformation journey by implementing a roadmap designed during the advisory phase. Transformation Services involve enhanced process architecture, improved tools, improved skill consistency, metrics framework and a robust management.

The term Business Assurance can be a new term for Quality Assurance. It signifies various factors such as Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Compliance Management and Management of Business Continuity. A testing transformation involves a number of methodologies, processes and accelerators. They subsequently speed up time to market and ensure cost effectiveness.  Transformation Services mainly involve:

  • Rationalization of costs and enhancing the productivity of the testing function
  • Establishing a shift-left approach in order to reinforce the constant involvement of testing across SDLC


Test Advisory and Transformation Services bring in high visibility into the organization’s processes from inception to delivery and helps to establish a higher level of Quality Assurance and Process Maturity.


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