The importance of Test Advisory Consultants in meeting business needs


Businesses across the globe have been dealing with challenges related to market recession, capital crunch, frequent technological advances, increase in customer expectations, and quicker time-to-market. The best way to meet these challenges is to upgrade the IT infrastructure on the lines of Agile and Lean principles. Besides, quality as an important attribute in the overall SDLC or manufacturing life cycle is needed to be acknowledged, and suitably customised to meet a company’s business goals.

Test Advisory Services are independent bodies of experts that assess the maturity of the QA function in a company, and suggest or implement measures to make it nimble, effective, technically compliant, responsive, and world class. The role of Transformation testing experts is to assess and implement measures that ensure that the testing processes of an organisation remain capable of testing multiple vendor inputs and cloud based resources, run virtualization, and confirm that final deliverables meet business specifications and objectives.

The ever expanding demands of businesses have brought Quality Assurance to the centre stage. Of late, business stakeholders have realized the importance of quality and how it can have a bearing on the spread of their customer base and brand equity in the market. As business dynamics change rapidly in the wake of technological advancements and other global factors, the need to reorient one’s Quality Assurance processes assumes salience.

Furthermore, a significant number of organizations are yet to embrace the latest testing technologies, and the ones they are saddled with (read legacy QA systems) do not do justice to the customers’ need for world class quality products or services.

Such scenarios require an independent assessment of the existing QA systems present in companies by Test Advisory Consultants – independent third party experts, who have their eyes and ears tuned to the latest QA technologies and customer preferences. The assessment by Test Advisory Services (TAS) is critical, as it can pave the way for transforming legacy QA systems to the ones that are truly world class.

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