Make healthcare applications glitch free through performance testing


As the world of healthcare moves from manual to digital systems, it has brought about sophistication, swiftness and responsiveness in a big way. Furthermore, the role of healthcare applications in facilitating a seamless management of modern healthcare system and requirement has benefited all stakeholders. It could be the administration, medical practitioners, caregivers, management, pharmacies, insurance companies, and the most important of all – the end customers. The increased reliance of modern healthcare industry on digitally enabled healthcare platforms has a flip side to it as well. Particularly, how it will impact the functioning of the entire healthcare architecture in case a software glitch takes place. As healthcare applications directly impact the life of a person, its smooth functioning should be a foregone conclusion. To ensure the same, Application Performance Testing comes into the picture whereby performance of a healthcare application is tested during the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). In this type of testing, Performance Testing Experts check the performance, responsiveness and stability of an application when it encounters increased workload. Besides, in conformity to Agile and DevOps principles, Performance Engineering is made part of the development process whereby probability of glitches to remain or being generated in the system is addressed.

With mobile based applications covering virtually every aspect of our lives, how could the important domain of healthcare be left behind? Thus, a plethora of healthcare applications that encompasses functions such as hospital admission, booking and paying for consultation, buying medicines, checking vital health parameters, billing, and liaising with insurance companies has found its value among governments, companies and the general populace. Besides, various applications embedded within diagnostic tools and critical health saving devices have revolutionised medical science as never before.

The criticality of applications in various arms of the healthcare domain requires them to be glitch free so that they can work with absolute precision. This is where testing comes into play for it can prevent a glitch prone application from hitting the market and endangering the lives of patients. However, testing of healthcare applications entails challenges of its own.

How difficult is it to test Healthcare Applications?

  • Adherence to industry standards such as ISO, FDA, HIPAA, HL7 and CMMI is required.
  • Performance Testing Experts should be reasonably acquainted with various aspects of medical science and their clinical manifestations.

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