Growing significance of Quality Assurance and Testing? Know how and why.


Companies have been embracing digitization in a big way, which has increased the need for Quality Assurance Testing of various products and services. The year 2016 saw Agile and DevOps as trendsetters for enabling business transformation. The transition from traditional QA software testing to software quality assurance testing on the lines of Agile and DevOps is being followed up by stakeholders with renewed vigour.

The role of QA testers has gained primacy in this scenario wherein a host of continuous QA testing services such as productivity testing, load testing, API testing, user access testing, security testing, regression testing et al throughout the SDLC occurs simultaneously with development as well as deployment.

The year 2016 also saw software QA testing take incremental steps to cover emerging areas like the IoT and Cloud by way of IoT testing and Cloud testing.

The onset of 2016 saw business think tanks and experts of the software industry predicting that 2016 to be the year where companies shall usher in quality assurance testing into their processes and consolidate the same along the lines of Agile and DevOps. Although continued global recession meant that there was less money available for automating QA testing services in a majority of companies, a few have taken it as an opportunity to transform their software quality assurance testing processes -from the traditional or reactive one to the Agile based intuitive one.

The year saw increased focus on Agile and DevOps – the paradigms that aim to integrate disparate processes to work in tandem in order to meet company’s goals and customer expectations. It calls for a change in work culture wherein development and QA software testing teams work together in pre-defined ‘sprints’ to address glitches as opposed to the traditional practice of developing codes followed by software quality assurance testing and deployment. The year also saw increased focus by software QA companies on service virtualization and leveraging cloud services.

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