Can Functional Testing get your enterprise application market-ready?


Quality has become the cornerstone of any software development and release process, as it very easily distinguishes an efficiently performing application from a mediocre application. Hence, it is critical to ensure quality with rigorous testing of software modules. It is a key task that no Quality Assurance person can ignore.

Amongst the many tests undertaken by the QA team, Functional Testing is perhaps the most significant. Functional Testing Services check and validate individual features of the software by inserting data – both correct and incorrect, against specified outcomes.

Interestingly, in the emerging world of Internet of Things or IoT, Functional IOT Testing ensures the success or failure of this emerging ecosystem where ‘objects’ with embedded software communicate with each other via the Internet.

In today’s challenging IT landscape thousands of applications join the already cluttered pool of software almost on a daily basis. The chances of an application getting the attention of the customers are slim indeed. Against such overwhelming odds the attribute that keeps an application afloat is ‘quality.’ Now-a-days, customers do not necessarily take fancy to the ‘frills’ present in a software, but are guided by its quality in terms of speed, functioning and responsiveness.

A plethora of quality tests are required for every software before it is declared market ready. Amongst them, Functional Testing or User Acceptance Testing checks and validates the effectiveness, usability and responsiveness of various features, links, APIs, security, databases, and interfaces from the users’ perspective.

The tests are carried out by a select few group of people who can represent the actual end customers. They provide insights into issues that are likely to be faced by the end users such as latency, non working of a link, cluttered interface, or security. It is important to have users’ perspective more often, as developers are mistakenly convinced by the infallibility of their codes.

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