Safeguard Enterprises through Security Testing


In a digitized world where more and more enterprises use the Internet or various online platforms to do business, the accompanying risk of data breach in the absence of data security measures is a matter of concern. It takes a lot for an enterprise to develop and market a product or brand and even more for generating trust amongst consumers of that product or brand.

A single act of data theft can ruin all that in a matter of hours or days leaving the company bruised and many-a-times impossible to recover. To avoid such unforeseen dire scenarios security testing of products and systems producing those products should be made mandatory. Moreover, as cyber criminals are finding newer ways of breaching the firewall it is incumbent upon enterprises to update their software security testing mechanisms from time to time in order to safeguard their assets and reputation from the probable next breach.

As the interconnected digital world envelops almost every sphere of our lives – be it in homes, banks, retail, healthcare, travel, entertainment, and many more, making our lives easy, the threat of cyber crime involving data theft looms large. Not a day passes when news reports do not show individuals and enterprises falling victim to such crimes. The resultant losses due to such crimes in terms of money, trust, and brand value are staggering indeed.

Given that the future will be increasingly dictated by IT or related ecosystems such as IoT, it becomes important for everyone – individuals, companies, and governments to not only be aware of the threats, but also put in place robust data security measures. In fact, considerations of cutting costs should not come in the way of building such security measures for any laxity on this count can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

To prevent enterprises from falling prey to data breach security testing of systems, applications, and products should be carried out by identifying the vulnerabilities or flaws in the existing security set up. The imperative of such a testing has grown manifold as online transactions have become the order of the day and incidences of data thefts can lead to:

  • Erosion of customers’ faith in the brand or product
  • Financial loss to the company owing to compensating customers and meeting other penal requirements

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