Selenium and Web Application Testing


Automated Web Application Testing have become more and more important for software projects for performing functionality testing, regression testing and covering a large number of tests in a short period of time. Various tools help software teams in building and executing automated tests. These tools help in web application testing.

Selenium is a popular Open-source automated web application testing tool, which helps to test  web browsers across different platforms. Major browser vendors have taken significant steps to make Selenium Testing Services a native part of their browsers.

Selenium Testing Services help to automate browser interaction so that scripts can automatically perform the same interactions that are performed manually by the users. It enables testing the web application through a user’s perspective and evaluate the following aspects: – navigation, controls, rendering, etc.

Robust Testing Strategies enabled by Selenium:

  • Acceptance Testing or Exploratory Testing is the kind of testing that should be performed through Selenium. The test cases should be based on user stories. Such a strategy integrates very well with continuous integration frameworks and tools.
  • UI Unit Testing increases test coverage compared to acceptance testing along while limiting the size of the test infrastructure. Developers write the test-cases and target html files embedding the control to unit-test.

Selenium Testing Services for Web Application Testing:

  • In acceptance testing, the presence of the elements should be tested before testing their functionality. If the test fails, it becomes immediately obvious if the test has failed due to functionality.
  • Navigation, though trival, is a constant source of errors. The different types of navigation errors are broken links or missing pages.

While using a framework, there is generally no control over the element ids. Here Selenium API with Selenium RC and its capabilities to handle JavaScript can be used to handle such situations.


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