The Importance of Testing ERP Implementation


Any ERP implementation project, big or small, can lead to major problems due to inadequate testing. A software needs to be tested when it is installed. However, many companies do not employ their best practices when testing their new ERP system. This results in problems for the ERP implementation team later on.

The importance of ERP Quality Assurance stems from the following facts:

  • ERP systems always need to be customized. Off-the-shelf implementation of ERP systems are very rare.
  • ERP systems are always linked to legacy systems and integrated with other applications.
  • An ERP implementation is done through multiple locations and hence need customizations in order to accommodate local requirements.
  • ERP Systems require data migrations between systems.
  • ERP Systems need to be regularly modified to meet the changing regulatory frameworks. This calls for frequent upgrades and improvements with changes in the technology landscape.

The following misconceptions need to be taken care of during the process of ERP Quality Assurance:

  1. Considering Implementation Quality same as the Product Quality: The performance of a software depends on the way it is implemented. The software may be a great one, but mistakes in its implementation may render it unusable. Hence, despite the high quality of the software, testing its implementation thoroughly needs to be a mandatory process.

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