Getting The Most Out of Salesforce Applications


Building a business on cloud power is more than just accessing new systems. In order to derive the maximum out of Salesforce, it is important to understand how the workforce and the business can benefit together. According to experts, deploying CRM strategies results in 25% higher ROI. In order to harness the full potential of Salesforce, there are some best practices that can be followed as per experts.

  • Making the Homepage a one stop shop: It is better to keep the Homepage simple and easy to use. Important links, commonly used information and dashboard links can be put on the initial screen in order to help the user.
  • Use the social tools to foster collaboration: Use Chatter to crowd source ideas and solutions. Its feeds are searchable, which provides valuable knowledge. Make sure C-level executives are on Chatter, where everyone likes to listen to everyone. Chatter also helps to eliminate the endless email chains, which are generally very hard to follow.
  • Support a multi-device mobile strategy: Productivity can be improved by making the required information available to the client when they need it. Mobile is the most critical device in this aspect. It ensures that people are getting the key information in their hands. Salesforce Mobile gives users the access to the SFDC information, irrespective of the availability of the wireless coverage. Here, opportunities can be updated, activities can be checked and calls via mobile can be made.

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