Advantages and Best Practices in IoT Testing for a Smart World

explore-new-opportunities-with-the-best-practices-in-iot-testing-largeWith the advent of the internet, people have started looking for ways to revolutionize it. As smartphones marched into our lives, people discovered new ways to utilize the internet. Mobile solutions have proven to be a game changer. Internet of Things aims to integrate all possible devices and technologies around us – televisions, watches, home appliances, laptops and even lights. All these ‘smart devices’ will interact with one another to provide a seamless experience.

Like every other internet based service or application, every device in the network of IoT has to be tested. There are four main aspects which make a device ‘smart’:

  • The ability to communicate through internet connectivity
  • The ability to sense using built-in sensors
  • The use of electronic parts in the device to adapt and interact with the environment
  • Assigning a unique identity and functionality for the device

Opportunities of Internet of Things Testing

There is enough reason for all major companies to go crazy over IoT. It provides extremely efficient Machine to Machine (M2M) communication to simplify our lifestyle. Some of the main IoT testing opportunities are as follows:

  • Payments through NFC – With the progress in technology, the world is also moving to keep up with the latest developments. Nowadays, popular banks, toll booths and retail shops accept NFC payments where one can make seamless payments with NFC tags simply by using their mobile phones.
  • Apple Pay and Android Pay – All the major operating systems like Android and iOS now support wireless payment methods, where people can carry their debit or credit cards digitally on their phones and make secure payments in stores. Most of the major stores have already started accepting wireless payment methods using NFC. Even banks like Bank of America and JP Morgan accept wireless payment.
  • Proper Integration between Bank Accounts and Apps – It always helps to have a digital transaction methods right from the phone. It is easier than carrying a lot of cash around.
  • Payment through other Digital Devices – Nowadays, people can even make payments through smartwatches and wearables, all thanks to the concept of IoT, which aims at bringing a smarter solution to all your daily objects of use.
  • Analyzing Customer Behavior – ATM card transactions, retail store payments, NFC usage can be studied to offer tailored customer services and offers.

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